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Consultation for ideas and inspiration, 3-D Computer Assisted Design, Stone Selections, Wax Mold, and Casting

Custom Designs

Create your dream piece for less than you dreamed possible! We can bring your vision to life for a fraction of the cost of retail. Whether an engagement ring, an anniversary band, a special birthday, or a mommy-to-be push present, we can create a custom piece to commemorate any moment.


Do you have an heirloom, family treasure, or estate piece sitting in your jewelry box? Allow us to repurpose the diamonds and metal and recreate a new piece that you will love and wear. Redesign and recycle old jewelry or loose diamonds into a new design.

byGemGirl Design Process

Whether you have your own ideas or need expert guidance, Danielle and the BGG Design Team utilize the most advanced technologies to
bring your vision to life. To ensure your complete satisfaction, clients give final approval at each step of the design phase.

by gem girl

Schedule your Initial 30 minute, no obligation Consultation with BGG.

Based on your information, budget, and lifestyle, we will present several design options and discuss financing options. To get started, complete the scheduling form for your free 30-minute, no-obligation, virtual consultation. Initial introductions are available on Zoom or Facetime. To help us prepare and maximize your session, please add important design information in the comment section and upload photos of your ideas and inspiration.

Computer Assisted Design

After the consultation, our team refines your design sketches. We submit your design to the Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) Team once approved. The CAD software interprets the sketch and creates a 3-Dimensional drawing of the design. The design is refined with any edits and adjustments, then sent to the 3-Dimensional printer. At this stage, the specialized printer manufactures the design in silicone.

BGG diamond
BGG diamond

Stone Selection Simplified

The silicone design is an exact replica of the piece and makes it easy to measure and select stones from the prong placements. We understand that selecting the right stones is a big decision. The clients will be shown stone choices according to their preferences and budget.

3 D Model Printed

After any adjustments, the 3-D drawing is printed in resin. This model will be used in the final casting. At this stage, the piece is completely realized in full detail and can be shown with the stones.

BGG diamond
custom design

Casting, Setting, and Polishing

After final approval of the CAD design, the jewelry is cast, set, and polished to perfection. The wax model is cast into the chosen metal, either gold or platinum. Our bench jeweler then sets the diamonds and gems into place and polishes the piece to superior standards.

Services After the Sale

byGemgirl provides excellent customer service even after the sale! We offer complimentary services including jewelry maintenance, cleaning, sizing, appraisal for insurance purposes, and upgrades on loose diamonds purchased from us.

BGG diamond

Diamond Education

Bridal Designs